What Do We Know about Radicalization? A Commentary on Key Issues, Findings and a Framework for Future Research for the Scientific and Applied Community


  • Sarah Knight Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Portsmouth
  • David Keatley Murdoch University, Perth




Radicalization, extremism, terrorism, violent, non-violent, counter-terrorism, prevent


This IJCV focus section presents seven articles that resulted from a project involving a mix of researchers and practitioners working jointly on different aspects of radicalization. The current commentary provides an overview of these, examining how the findings inform our wider understanding, support previous findings and provide a framework for future research. It also synthesizes the issues raised and explores where this takes the scientific and applied community. Whilst based primarily on literature and lessons learned from Germany, many of the findings and recommendations are applicable to the wider international context. This collection of articles on the subject of radicalization therefore provides the reader with a broad and up-to-date understanding of key concepts, themes and issues, and an in-depth understanding of specific topics, ongoing challenges and knowledge gaps. It also provides a solid basis to inform evidence-based practice and highlights practitioner requirements and gaps in understanding that need to be addressed. The knowledge presented here can therefore inform Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism efforts, which need to be practical, feasible, affordable and evidence-based.






Focus (2): What do we know about radicalization?