College Students’ Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence: A Comparative Study of Japan, China, and the United States


  • Toan Thanh Nguyen Hiroshima University
  • Yasuko Morinaga Hiroshima University
  • Irene Hanson Frieze University of Pittsburgh
  • Jessica Cheng University of Pittsburgh
  • Manyu Li University of Pittsburgh
  • Akiko Doi Kobe Gakuin University
  • Tatsuya Hirai Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
  • Eunsun Joo Duksung Women’s University
  • Cha Li Northeast Normal University



An investigation of cross-cultural differences between the United States, Japan, and China in perceptions of male to female intimate partner violence, and in the extent to which gender and traditional attitudes toward women related to these perceptions. College students (n = 943) read two fictitious scenarios describing marital and dating violence. MANOVA results showed gender differences in the perceptions of violence between the three countries. Male participants had more traditional attitudes toward women and placed more blame on female victims. The magnitude of the difference between women’s and men’s scores was much smaller for Japanese students than for American and Chinese students. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses demonstrated that the effects of respondent gender were reduced when traditional attitudes toward women were taken into account. Differences in beliefs about appropriate gender roles still exist among college students in these countries and may be related to socially tolerant attitudes toward violence against women.

Author Biographies

Toan Thanh Nguyen, Hiroshima University

Department of Psychology

Yasuko Morinaga, Hiroshima University

Department of Psychology

Irene Hanson Frieze, University of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychology

Jessica Cheng, University of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychology

Manyu Li, University of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychology

Akiko Doi, Kobe Gakuin University

Department of Psychology

Tatsuya Hirai, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Education Development Learning Support Center


Eunsun Joo, Duksung Women’s University

Department of Psychology


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Focus: Intimate Partner Violence