Editorial: Letter from the Editors

  • Wilhelm Heitmeyer University of Bielefeld
  • Douglas S. Massey
  • Steven F. Messner
  • James Sidanius
  • Michel Wieviorka


Our focus section this time concentrates on prejudice and intergroup conflicts, and especially on a comparative approach to understanding prejudice.

Many thanks go to our guest editors Katharina Schmid (Oxford University, United Kingdom) and Andreas Zick (University of Bielefeld, Germany) who have put together a fine collection on the topic.

Fortuitously, the first two of the three articles featured in our open section this time are closely related to the focus topic (and are therefore introduced in the guest editorial). The issue closes with Denis Ribeaud and Manuel Eisner’s promising exploration of the possibilities for developing a unified scale of moral neutralization of aggression.
Editorial: Letter from the Editors