Tackling Cyberbullying: Review of Empirical Evidence Regarding Successful Responses by Students, Parents, and Schools

Sonja Perren, Lucie Corcoran, Helen Cowie, Francine Dehue, D'Jamila Garcia, Conor Mc Guckin, Anna Sevcikova, Panayiota Tsatsou, Trijntje Völlink


A summary of current knowledge on successful responses to cyberbullying differentiating between three different response domains: reducing risks, combatting the problem, and buffering negative impact. A systematic literature search yielded thirty-six relevant studies, most of which report findings regarding general prevention strategies (e.g., anti-bullying policies or cybersafety strategies) and the use of coping strategies such as seeking support, responding (retaliation or confronting), technical solutions, and avoidant and emotion-focussed strategies. Whilst a few studies report perceived success, very few measure the success of the strategies in relation to risks and outcomes. There is a clear lack of evidence concerning successful responses.


cyberbullying, responses, coping, prevention, literature review

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DOI: 10.4119/UNIBI/ijcv.244

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